Branding the Sample App

How to brand the sample app

After following the previous steps, the sample app can be further modified to change the branding. In this example, we will be modifying the default text and images in the sample app.

Modifying the dashboard scene

The dashboard contains the ARway logo and text for the user to edit by default, and these elements can be changed in the Unity editor. The majority of the UI elements can be modified from the Hierarchy window in Unity. This guide will showcase how to modify some of these elements.

In this example we will be modifying the ARway logo.

  1. To add the new logo image to the Assets in Unity, navigate to the project window and select "Assets -> ARway -> ViewerMode -> 1_UI -> Dashboard". From here, you can drag and drop your new logo into the Splash folder in the Project window.

Select the uploaded logo, change the "Texture Type" to "Sprite (2D and UI)" and the "Sprite Mode" to "Single", and then click on "Apply" at the bottom.

  1. Navigate to "Dashboard -> Canvas -> DashboardPage -> Scroll View -> Viewport -> Content -> ScanQRPanel -> Background -> Branding" in the Unity Hierarchy window.

  1. Now select the "logo" prefab from the Hierarchy window and change the "Source Image" to the new logo.

  1. In this case, the second prefab "name" under branding is deleted as only one logo is needed.

  2. Modify the positioning and size of the logo in the "Inspector" window.

Modifying the text

Next, we will modify the text that is displayed on the dashboard.

In the Hierarchy window, navigate to the section "Dashboard -> Canvas -> DashboardPage -> Scroll View -> Viewport -> Content -> ScanQRPanel -> Background" and select the 'Sub Text' object. In the "Text" input field in the Inspector window, update the text to your desired content.

Changing the background color

In the Hierarchy window, go to the section Dashboard -> Canvas -> DashboardPage -> dashboard_bg. Then in the Inspector window change to color of the dashboard to match your branding.

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