3.1.0 -> 3.1.4

Steps to Upgrade

This guide will walk you through the process of upgrading v3.1.0 of the ARwayKit SDK to v3.1.4. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a smooth transition to the new version.

  1. Enable Version Control: Enable version control on your local machine by enabling Git in the repo.

  2. Backup Your Project: Save & Commit your Unity project with your version control system (Git) to ensure you can revert in case of any unforeseen issues.

  3. Download the New Version: Download the new ARwayKit SDK v3.1.4 .zip file.

  4. Extract the .ZIP File: Extract the .zip to a new folder.

  5. Copy Extracted Files to Existing Repository: Copy the folders “Assets”, “Packages” and “Project Settings” from the zip to your existing project and choose the option to replace the existing files.

  6. Delete Files & Folders: Delete the files and folders in the list “Files & Folders to Delete” below to resolve upgrade conflicts.

  7. Review File Changes: Review the file changes in Git, remove any changes to the files that are unnecessary to your project such as the logos or other branding assets.

  8. Build and Test: Rebuild your Unity project and thoroughly test all the ARway features and functionalities that your application uses.

List of File Changes

Files & Folders to Delete:

  1. Assets/AddressableAssetsData/link.xml

  2. Assets/AddressableAssetsData/link.xml.meta

Modified Files:

  1. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/0_Scene/ARMapSession.unity

  2. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/2_Scripts/ARMapSession/LocalizationPopup.cs alogBox/DriftIndicatorPopup.prefab

  3. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/3_Assets/Prefabs/ARMapSession/DialogBox/InstructionsPanelViewer.prefab

  4. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/3_Assets/Prefabs/ARMapSession/DialogBox/LocalizationRequired.prefab

  5. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/3_Assets/Prefabs/ARMapSession/Notification/FindPlane.prefab

  6. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/3_Assets/Prefabs/ARMapSession/UI Panels/QRScanPanel.prefab

  7. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/Plugins/ARwayKit-Viewer.dll

  8. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/Resources/ARContent/JumboChevron.prefab

  9. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/Resources/AnchorPrefab.prefab

  10. Assets/Localization/Localization Tables/StringTable_Localization Shared Data.asset

  11. Assets/Localization/Localization Tables/StringTable_Localization_en.asset

  12. ProjectSettings/ProjectSettings.asset

New Files:

  1. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/1_UI/Icons/GroundScan.png

  2. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/1_UI/Icons/GroundScan.png.meta

  3. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/1_UI/Icons/PlaneFound.png

  4. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/1_UI/Icons/PlaneFound.png.meta

  5. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/1_UI/Icons/Scan.png

  6. Assets/ARWay/ViewerMode/1_UI/Icons/Scan.png.meta

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