QR Codes

QR Code usage in the ARway platform

What are QR code access points?

QR code access points are physical codes that are placed in specific locations within a space. These codes can be scanned by users with their mobile devices, which then direct them to a specific AR experience.

Purpose of QR Codes

The ARway app allows users to enter an AR experience by scanning a QR code using their camera on their mobile device. Once the QR code is scanned the app retrieves the necessary map data and then initiates the positioning and re-localization process to accurately place AR content in the user’s environment.

QR code access points are a feature of the ARway platform that allow users to easily access augmented reality (AR) content using their mobile devices. With QR code access points, users can scan a code and open a ARway map AR experience in their space.

How do QR code access points work?

When a user scans a QR code access point, it triggers the ARway platform to direct the user to a specific AR experience. This is done through the ARway app, which uses the mobile device's camera to scan the code and then directs the user to the appropriate content.

  1. A QR code is generated for each ARway map, and it can be accessed in the Creator Portal by clicking on the map and selecting "QR code" in the menu.

  2. The QR code can be downloaded as a PDF or PNG file and placed in a location where users can easily scan it (e.g., on a wall or sign).

  3. When a user scans the QR code with their smartphone camera app, they will be directed to the ARway app if it is already installed. If the app is not installed, they will be taken to the app store to download it.

  4. Once the app is opened, the user will be prompted to scan the access point to localize themselves on the map.

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