Getting Started

Getting started with the ARway SDK


We support both Android and iOS devices using Unity's AR Foundation for quick and easy development of AR applications.


Our Unity SDK is tested with Unity Version 2022.3.29 (LTS) or Above (LTS).


Requires an ARCore or ARKit supported Android/iOS device.

High-Level understanding of how ARwayKit SDK works

Mapping Process

When using ARway App during Mapping you create a Map consisting of QR Codes or Image Access Points. During Mapping a creator has to physically place QR Codes or Image Access Point then associate those with a map, It's important to notice that the origin of the map is determined by where you place the Primary QR code of the Map. This Map is stored in the ARway cloud and is further used during the localization process.

Viewing Process

During Map view, the AR application detects the Anchor and resolves the user's current pose (position and rotation) in the mapped area, it then downloads the AR content accordingly.

The content that is in close proximity to the user(s) location is downloaded initially and the application keeps track of user movement in AR Map and downloads additional content if required

Creator Portal

The ARway Creator Portal is one place where you can manage your AR/3D content, QR Codes, or Image Access Points. It gives you the ability to update AR/3D content in your application in real time.

The Creator Portal helps you in managing more extensive environments like shopping malls, airports, etc. it gives you direct access to multiple maps and you can update anchor data of maps or AR content in real-time, without doing anything from Unity Editor.

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