AR Map Session

Unity Sample Scene - Content Placement

This scene is used for Localization, post localization the contents of the scene are initiated at their desired location. Contents in Map are placed relative to the Map Origin. This scene has also examples of Location Pins and Tours.

This Scene requires Location (Precise) and Camera permission for its work.

Interact with AR Contents of a Map

ARMapController is the script that handles the loading of Map contents in AR, each content is initiated as Unity Gameobject, developers can use this script to customize the behavior of Content like its visibility, adding more interaction, custom logic, etc.

Content Types:

  1. Text

  2. Images

  3. 3D models

  4. Audio files

  5. Location pins

  6. Guided tours

  7. Hostpots

Code example for content visiting using content properties

Using the ID property of content to enable visibility

#region TextContent
foreach (Text3D text in arContent.texts)
    if ( == "text_60954")
    if ( == "text_92055")

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