Building from the Source Code

Building the sample app provided in the ARwayKit SDK

To build the sample app directly from the source code (.zip) provided in the release, follow the below steps.

Get the ARwayKit SDK Source Code

Download the .zip from our GitHub. Please contact us for access.


In this guide, we will be using the following versions of Unity:

  • Unity: 2022.3.17f1 LST

    • Include the following platforms in your Unity install:

      • Android Build Support

        • OpenJDK

        • Android SDK & NDK Tools

      • iOS Build Support


In the instructions below, we will be using the provided .zip source code to create a new app. If you already have an existing Unity app to which you wish to add the package, please refer to the instructions provided in the link below.

Getting the Account ID and Secret Key

  1. From the ARway Creator Portal, go to "For Developers -> Create a New App -> Enter App Name".

  2. Copy your Account ID and SecretKey for that App.

Opening the Project in Unity

  1. Download the .zip file source code for the latest release.

  2. Extract the .zip file to a new folder.

  3. Open Unity Hub, and select the extracted "ARwayApp" folder.

  4. Open the project using Unity Editor Version 2022.3.17 (LTS).

Adding the Account ID and Secret Key

  1. In the Project Window, go to "Assets -> ARway -> Viewer Mode -> Resource-> ARWayKitConfig
" and add your credentials for the Account ID and Secret Key.

Switch Build Platform to Android or iOS.

  1. "File -> Build Settings -> Build -> Select iOS/Android"

Updating the Addressables Groups

  1. Navigate to "Window -> Asset Management -> Addressable -> Groups".

  2. In the Addressables Groups window, click on "Build -> New Build -> Default Build Script".

When making any changes that affect localization strings, you will need to update the Addressables Groups.

Building the App

  1. In Unity select "File -> Build Settings".

  2. Ensure the following scenes are selected:

    • ARWay/ViewerMode/0_Scene/Dashboard-SDK

    • ARWay/ViewerMode/0_Scene/ARMapSession

  3. Change the platform to either Android or iOS by selecting "Android or iOS -> Switch Platform".

  4. Select "Build and Run" to run the app.

After successfully building the app on your device, you can scan QR codes that you created for your ARway maps in the Creator Portal.

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