Creator Portal Changes

The Deeplink Domain feature allows you to add a custom domain to QR codes downloaded from the ARway Creator Portal. You can easily set up a new domain or revert to the default settings whenever needed. Let's get started!

Adding a Custom Domain

When choosing a custom domain, the total number of characters for the subdomain, main domain, and top-level domain should not go over 30.

  1. In the "For Developers" page, find the "Deeplink Domain" section.

  2. You will see a text input box where you can enter your desired custom domain, e.g.,

  3. Type in your new domain name in the text input box.

  4. After entering the custom domain, click the "Save" button to save your changes.

Updated QR Codes

  1. After clicking the "Save" button, all the QR codes in the ARway Creator Portal will be automatically updated to reflect the new custom domain you entered.

  2. Any QR code you download from now on will point to the new domain you set.

You will need to re-download and replace existing QR codes for them to point to your new custom domain.

Removing the Custom Domain

  1. If you wish to revert your changes and remove the custom domain, go to the "Deeplink Domain" section again.

  2. Click the "Remove" button, which will remove the custom domain and restore the default settings.

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