What is Deep Linking?

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is a mechanism that allows users to open specific content or scenes within an app directly from an external source, such as a QR code. In the context of ARway and Unity, deep linking enables users to launch the ARMapSession scene within the ARway app by simply scanning a QR code with their mobile device.

How Does Deep Linking Work?

Deep linking relies on specific file formats and configurations to function correctly on different mobile platforms:


  • apple-app-site-association: For iOS, deep linking is supported through the apple-app-site-association file. This JSON file must be hosted on the domain that the app is associated with.

  • The file contains information about the allowed app IDs and the paths they can handle.

  • When a user clicks on a deep link, iOS checks the apple-app-site-association file on the corresponding domain to determine if the app is registered to handle the link. If it is, the app is opened, and the specific content or feature associated with the deep link is displayed.


  • assetlinks.json: For Android, deep linking is facilitated by the assetlinks.json file. Similar to iOS, this JSON file must also be hosted on the domain associated with the app.

  • The file specifies the relationship between the web domain and the app, along with the app's package name and fingerprint of the signing key.

  • When a user clicks on a deep link, Android checks the assetlinks.json file on the corresponding domain to verify the app's association. If validated, the app is launched, and the user is taken to the relevant content or functionality.

Benefits of Deep Linking

  • Enhanced User Experience: Deep linking improves the user experience by enabling seamless transitions between apps and providing direct access to desired content.

  • Increased App Engagement: By directing users to specific content or features, deep linking encourages higher app engagement and reduces the chances of user drop-offs.

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