iOS Swift

Introduction to using ARwayKit SDK with iOS Swift

What is iOS Swift?

Welcome to the world of iOS development with Swift! Swift is a modern and powerful programming language that has been specifically designed to make app development for Apple's ecosystem, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, faster and more intuitive. It is also an open-source language, which means it is constantly evolving and improving with contributions from a global community of developers.

Key Features:

  • Optionals: Optionals are a unique feature in Swift that allows developers to deal with nil values (i.e., absence of a value) in a safe and efficient manner. With optionals, you can explicitly declare whether a variable can be nil or not. This helps to avoid runtime errors caused by trying to access a nil value, which is a common source of crashes in other programming languages.

  • Type Safety: Swift is a statically typed language, which means that every variable, constant, and function parameter must have a specific type declared at compile time. This helps to catch errors at compile time rather than runtime, leading to safer and more reliable code. Swift also supports type inference, so the compiler can often infer the type of a variable based on its value, reducing the need for explicit type declarations.

  • Generics: Generics is a powerful feature in Swift that allows you to write flexible and reusable code. With generics, you can create functions, classes, and data types that can work with any type, rather than being limited to a specific type. This can save time and reduce the amount of code you need to write, while also making your code more generic and adaptable. Generics are used extensively in Swift's standard library, and are also commonly used in third-party frameworks and libraries.

Why use ARwayKit with iOS Swift?

Using ARwayKit with iOS Swift allows developers to integrate ARwayKit into their existing iOS apps, without having to rebuild the app from the ground up in Unity. This saves time and effort, and enables developers to leverage the power of ARwayKit to create engaging, interactive AR experiences for their users.

Components of ARwayKit SDK + Swift:

  • iOS Swift: Your new/existing project used for the integration with ARwayKit Unity SDK.

  • ARway Maps Studio: A one-stop place for creating and editing maps, adding floor plans for navigation along with overlaying 3D assets, waypoints, destinations, text, and pictures over it.

  • ARwayKit SDK: Our Unity SDK for linking the AR experiences created here and adding them to the iOS application as a page/scene.

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