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Change Log for ARwayKit SDK

ARway SDK v3.1.4

We are excited to announce the release of ARwayKit SDK v3.1.4, which brings a host of bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your experience.


  1. Floor Plan Display: Resolved an issue where a blank floor plan was shown when viewing different maps in a venue.

  2. Navigation Style: Corrected the navigational style displayed for specific tours.

  3. UI Enhancement: Improved the UI to better accommodate lengthy tour names.

  4. QR Code Scanning: Fixed an issue with the QR code prefab moving when scanned from a 45-degree angle.

  5. QR Code Scanner Button: Addressed the disappearance of the QR code scanner button from the home screen during low network connectivity.

  6. Navigation Arrows: Corrected misguiding arrows during navigation.

  7. Repeated Navigation: Fixed incorrect directions when navigating to the same location pin twice and skipping a turn.

  8. Tilt Detection: Increased the threshold for the Tilt Detected condition in the app.

  9. Location Pin Display: Resolved an issue where the location pin position was not displayed when viewing the route selection page or map options.

  10. Live App Detail Error: Fixed the "Live App Detail Failed" error occurring while saving a guided tour path under low network connectivity conditions.

ARway SDK v3.1.0

We're excited to introduce ARway SDK v3.1.0, packed with new features and enhancements designed to optimize your development workflow and elevate the augmented reality experience. From innovative navigation styles to dynamic UI adjustments, this update offers tools and improvements to enhance your AR applications. Explore the detailed changes and enhancements in this release.

What’s New:

  1. New Path Style – Jumbo Chevron: Introduces a new drift-friendly navigation style for guided tours and navigation paths. Enhanced ground tracking and large directional arrows ensure precise guidance across large venues.

  2. New Path Style – Flat Path: Adds a new flat path option for guided tours and location pin navigation. Provides creators with additional flexibility in path creation, ensuring straightforward navigation in various environments.

  3. Mini Map Navigation: Introduces a mini map feature within the AR screen, positioned below the jumbo chevron path. Offers visitors a preview of the route and real-time navigation progress. The mini map always faces the direction of the destination, helping users navigate even if the path is obstructed.

  4. Network Failure Back-up Flow: New APIs allow creators to resume the map setup process if there is an unstable network connection. Ensures progress is not lost during the map setup process.

  5. Guided Tour Updates: Enhanced route guidance for guided tours. Intuitive arrows point users back towards the tour path if they stray.

  6. Updated Location Pin Design and Animation: Improved location pin design and animation adds interactive gamification to AR navigation.

  7. Dynamic UI Enhancement in-App for 2D Map: Dynamic size adjustment for Points of Interest, Amenity pins, labels, and Access Points. Ensures map items scale and move appropriately as visitors zoom in and out of the 2D map.


  1. Unity Version Update: The Unity version used by ARwayKit has been updated from 2022.3.17f1 (LTS) to 2022.3.29f1 (LTS).

  2. Ground Detection Improvements: Enhancements to ground detection for better navigation accuracy.

  3. Various bug fixes.

  4. General performance improvements.

ARway SDK v3.0.1

This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements for our SDK.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Bug fixes with Android QR code scanning resolved

  2. Minor bug fixes in navigation and floor plan view

  3. Updated scan environment UI

ARway SDK v3.0.0

In this latest update, we're excited to announce the integration of all features from the official ARway app into our SDK. Explore the enhancements and additions in the updated ARwayKit SDK to discover the latest advancements in augmented reality experiences.

What's New:

  1. Peripheral Marker Tracking: Peripheral Access Points elevate scanning access points by offering creators flexibility in scanning. Allowing for map visitors to scan access points from different angles and distances.

    • Select the size of the Access Points (QR codes and Image Access Points).

    • Access points can now be position either horizontally or vertically (on the floor or ceiling).

    • The size of Access points is no longer restricted to 20x20cm. Creators can now choose from standard paper sizes, US printer paper sizes, or custom sizes for their access points.

  2. Venue Maps: We've added support for the Venue maps to the SDK allowing visitors to navigate to location pins on connected map from the multi-map directory.

  3. Multi-Map and Multi-Floor Navigation: Map visitors can now navigate across multiple floors with the Venue Maps and connector pins.

  4. Multi-Map Directory: For venue maps, the directory will show map visitors location pins for all connected maps.

  5. Location Accuracy Dial Toggle: Toggle the location accuracy dial in the Creator Portal for more control over the navigation experience.

  6. Audio Directions: Assist visitors with audio directions for location pin navigation.

  7. Improved Accuracy & Range:

    • Refined computer vision and image tracking capabilities.

    • Enhanced rendering accuracy of AR experiences in the real-world.

    • Upgraded scanning speed and accuracy of visual markers.

  8. Improved Texture and Rendering for Tour Paths: The tour path appears smooth and level as visitors navigate the guided tour path on a journey throughout the map.

  9. Navigation Path and Location Pin Display: Updated height calculations for tour paths mean that the paths will stay at a set height above the ground, even if there are fluctuations in ground height.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Improved navigation time calculation.

  2. Fixed occasional crashes during high resolution floor plan alignment.

  3. Added missing translations.

  4. Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


  1. Unity Version Update: The Unity version used by ARwayKit has been updated from 2021.3.17f1 (LTS) to 2022.3.17f1 (LTS) or higher (LTS).

Migration Notes:

  1. Unity Version Update: The Unity version used by ARwayKit has been updated from 2021.3.17f1 (LTS) to 2022.3.17f1 (LTS) or higher (LTS).

ARwayKit SDK v2.5.1

We're excited to introduce our latest app update, version 2.5.1. Below, you'll find the key enhancements that will enhance your navigation and location discovery experience. Dive into the details to discover what's new and improved!

What's New:

  1. Location Pin Directory Updates: We've added the improved location pin directory, now you can see customized branding for each location pin the the directory.

  2. Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Enjoy seamless turn-by-turn navigation when viewing location pins. We offer multiple navigation path styles to suit your preferences - Chevron, Glowing Stripes, and Spheres.

  3. 2D Map View: Dot navigation shows the user's position on the uploaded 2D floorplan, offering real-time user positioning updates to provide you them accurate directions as they explore different routes.

  4. Enhanced Location Pin Search: Finding location pins is now more efficient. Our updated search functionality includes category, amenity, and other metadata filters, helping you discover the places that matter most to you.

  5. Language Support: Provide users with multiple language options for your app. Add multiple languages to your app by adding new entries to the String Table.


  1. Unity Version Update: The Unity version ARwayKit has been tested with has been updated from 2021.3.1f1 (LTS) to 2021.3.17f1 (LTS) or higher (LTS).

ARwayKit SDK v2.3.1


  • Support for location pins added from newer versions of ARway added.

ARwayKit SDK v2.3.0


  • Image Access Points to activate AR Maps and experience.

  • Videos spatial content in AR.

  • Advanced content occlusion in AR.

  • Updated relocalization method with background tracking.

  • Relocalization notifications in case of significant drift.


  • Drifting issues in AR maps after scanning QR codes.

  • Improved QR code recognition and tracking accuracy.

  • Fixed random selection of AR contents while using UI by introducing long touch for selection.

ARwayKit SDK v2.0.1


  • Anchor scanning improvements in case multiple QR codes are scanned in the same AR Session.

ARwayKit SDK v2.0.0


  • Realtime authentication with ARway Maps Studio through developer Auth credentials.

  • Ability to enable/disable SDK app usage in real-time.

  • Viewing of all published maps in the account.

  • Viewing and interacting with the AR content of your map.

  • Location Pins and Guided Tours.

  • Plane Occlusion of AR Contents.

  • Map usage and Location Analytics.

  • QR code access points.

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