Change Log

Change Log for ARwayKit SDK

ARwayKit SDK v2.3.0


  • Image Access Points to activate AR Maps and experience.
  • Videos spatial content in AR.
  • Advanced content occlusion in AR.
  • Updated relocalization method with background tracking.
  • Relocalization notifications in case of significant drift.


  • Drifting issues in AR maps after scanning QR codes.
  • Improved QR code recognition and tracking accuracy.
  • Fixed random selection of AR contents while using UI by introducing long touch for selection.

ARwayKit SDK v2.0.1


  • Anchor scanning improvements in case multiple QR codes are scanned in the same AR Session.

ARwayKit SDK v2.0.0


  • Realtime authentication with ARway Maps Studio through developer Auth credentials.
  • Ability to enable/disable SDK app usage in real-time.
  • Viewing of all published maps in the account.
  • Viewing and interacting with the AR content of your map.
  • Location Pins and Guided Tours.
  • Plane Occlusion of AR Contents.
  • Map usage and Location Analytics.
  • QR code access points.
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