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Replacing ARway Logos in the Sample App

Swap existing images for custom branding.
The sample app includes multiple images featuring the ARway logo, which can be replaced as needed. With the sample app, you can replace the provided image assets with your own and add your custom branding to replace the ones from ARway.

Image Assets

The following list of image assets contain the ARway logo:
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Arway_logo.png
    • W: 512px | H: 512px - Square logo
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Arway_text.png
    • W: 512px | H: 143px - ARway text
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Graphics/Thumbnail.png
    • W: 750px | H: 512px - Thumbnail image for videos in AR session
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Icons/QR/QR_Primary.png
    • W: 190px | H: 190px - Image of a primary QR code with the ARway logo
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Icons/QR/QR_Secondary.png
    • W: 153px | H: 157px Image of a secondary QR code with the ARway logo
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Sprites/Buttons V2/Access Point Button Pressed.png
    • W: 1792px | H: 512px - Location accuracy dial background pressed
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Sprites/Buttons V2/Access Point Button.png
    • W: 1792px | H: 512px - Location accuracy dial background
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Sprites/Buttons V2/Drift Indicator/Center Logo.png
    • W: 512px | H: 512px - Square logo
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Sprites/Logos/ARway_logo_512x512.png
    • W: 512px | H: 512px - Square logo
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Sprites/Logos/ARway_logo_1024x1024.png
    • W: 512px | H: 512px - App icon
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Sprites/dashboard/qr_overlay.png
    • W: 1024px | H: 1024px - Overlay that appears when scanning QR codes
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/Sprites/dashboard/sample_thumbnail.png
    • W: 327px | H: 279px - Default map thumbnail for dashboard
  • Assets/ARwayKitSDK/SampleApp/1_UI/images/qr_thumbnail_sample.png
    • W: 512px | H: 512px - Sample showing what QR code looks like

Replacing the Image Assets

These image assets can be replaced with your own images. Here is how to do so:
  1. 1.
    Copy the image assets from the above list.
  2. 2.
    Modify the image assets to replace them with your own.
  3. 3.
    Swap the images with your modified assets in the above folders.
  4. 4.
    Build your app.
Replacing images in the ARway sample app.